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Highway SDK

The first fully comprehensive set of developer tools for the DWeb.

Blockchain API

Read more about the structure of our blockchain and network

Motor Plugins

Get started with our frontend plugins for your app.


Get started with DID Login

Get started with DID Login

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Create your first Sonr Powered App

Create your first Sonr Powered App

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Highway SDK by Sonr

The most robust Decentralized Web SDK in the world. Take your Applications to production yesterday.

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Proudly trusted by 5,000+ companies and individuals

Ready to Own?

With this beautiful and responsive React components you will realize your next project in no time.


What can you expect?

A robust CLI console to allow developers to easily configure Apps, with all the Sonr Modules available out of the box.

NFT Schemas

Define Types for Verifiable Objects on your Sonr powered App.

IPFS Storage

Leverage decentralized storage for uploading application or user specific assets


Host simple static websites on the Sonr Network, backed with IPFS.

Realtime Streams

Create connected realtime channels of data with defined messages.


Visualize the interactions between the key components of your application


Deploy simple Javascript functions to interact with your App's components.

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